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HVAC Design

Lot-B’s HVAC design service is a crucial asset when building new structures, especially in the province of Ontario, where it is a mandatory requirement for obtaining permits for accessory suite construction. According to the Ontario Building Code (O.B.C 9.32), an HVAC design, stamped by a licensed mechanical designer with the appropriate BCIN number or a mechanical engineer, is necessary when applying for a building permit for accessory suite construction. This design encompasses various elements such as heat loss and gain calculations, ventilation design, HRV design, duct design including btu’s and cfm’s, and schematics tailored to the specific house design.

For secondary unit construction, the need for an HVAC design depends on the overall scope and size of the addition or renovation. Typically, additions over 400 sq.ft or those exceeding 15% of the existing house size will require an HVAC design to ensure optimal heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Lot-B’s HVAC plans include comprehensive calculations and layouts for heat loss and gain, ventilation systems, HRV systems, duct designs, and even hydronic in-floor heating designs with loop layouts.

Lot-B’s HVAC design service ensures that new structures are equipped with efficient and effective heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. By adhering to regulatory requirements and providing detailed HVAC plans, Lot-B contributes to the smooth permitting process and ensures that buildings are compliant with safety and energy efficiency standards.

We do not provide HVAC plans for addition/renovations.